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The space scrapyard have been invaded by the space pirates, who made it their HQ. Taking control of a worker ship in the Scrapyard, you take on the ennemy ships equipped only with the magnet launcher of the ship!


w a s d = move

mouse = aim

left click = shoot red

right click = shoot blue

P = Pause the game

This game was made for Extra Credits Game Jam #4! The game was made in 100h by the UTC 9 team that is composed of:

Eamon Prendeville, Eder Gross Cichelero, Gabriel Piccolo, Leonardo Bonini, Raphael Magalhães, Skyler Moosman, and Steven Lequient!


OhScrap.zip 94 MB


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This was really great! I got big Portal vibes from the mechanics and I was able to learn through experimentation pretty easily!

I thought it was a good move to not gate the player in and let them skip segments but perhaps restarting them in the room they died in would have been slightly more convenient. But I also recognize there's a tradeoff in punishment there.

Lots of very good design choices throughout. Loved the mechanics and the sprites of the enemy ships. 10/10 would scrap again.

I really like the mechanics of this game! An improvement I would make is to allow to change the color of a target. Also, blocking the exit of a zone until all targets are destroyed would be nice, because I managed to skip to the last zone without fighting any one, using blue to stop them.

thxx! we hadnt the time to implement all features we wanted in the game, time and stuf haha... buT i mean we shipped it !