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    The year is the dystopian 2XXX. The DEJOTA Conglomerate has found a new way to boost its MUTER© Soda sales by using Atlantis’s Orichalcum to enrich the taste of the upcoming MUTER© Soda DEEP BLUE©, Taste the Fate of Atlantis©.

    You are responsible for reaching the underwater temple where you have located large quantities of the Orichalcum ore. Be careful and remember, each failure is discounted of your payment!

WASD - Move.
1 - Take damage (use it to respawn and get unstuck)
E - Interact.
Mouse - Aim your lantern.

Art - Rafael De José Freitas
Game Design - Leonardo Viotti Bonini
Narrative Design - Rafael “Rajuma” Magnino
Producer - Leonardo Viotti Bonini
Programming - Gabriel Soler Zoppei
Sound Design - Laila Kalantari

Made for Itch.io’s DiveJam 2


Under The Murky Water.rar 30 MB


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Damn underwater monsters https://youtu.be/k9Y4oC53tmU